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A time for the others

Selflessness perpetrates the words and actions of the humanitarian elite but could it be the same with the common mongrel? I wonder how people make a fine balance between their professional and social environments when the trend is always to be entangled in the quagmire of duty than to follow what ones heart desires. It is impossible then to even think of devoting ones time to the needs and let alone fancies of other people. Yet it is this alone that happens to me almost every time in my life. Its a miracle how people can induce me to agree with them in so few words and its even much more of a mystery as to how their needs become my own sole responsibilities even before you can say "help". I believe the art of persuasion is what every body has taken a degree in and i alone a dunce in the subject. Can't expect people to take notice of your trials when their own hands are full to the brim but could it be much if one asks for a bit of consideration on say, at least a humanitarian ground. I think what this society lacks is a feeling of empathy when one could find enough and more of plain old sympathy. To be in another persons shoe and to experience what it is for him that one learns the art of tolerance but sadly in our day people detests taking on others shoes even if it meant for a few seconds. Can't blame them for these shoes might be the last place u would want to shove your feet into. Pray at least lets hope in this digital age that a scene of mercy might evince moist eyes in the beholder. The following image is uploaded in the hope that at least this will induce your eyes to moisten itself, if at all for the wrong reasons...

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