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dream on the 14th of august 2011

early morning, cocooned like a defensive lobster.
how do u build an aquarium for the culture of sharks? Here's how:
A relatively large room is to be converted into the said tank and in the dream there was an elderly man on whose guidance all the preparations were being done. There seemed to be what looked like tiny trap doors at either end of the room at exact opposite points but the logic of water seeping through them never occurred. how could it , this is a dream. water to the tank was being pumped through this huge pipe although it required the boiling of something exceedingly viscous and oily , the duty of which was taken up by my father and me, in an adjacent room. The resultant blue ablution was pumped , rather slowly n believe me, boringly into the tank via the pipe. I distinctly remember the room having a rather inconspicuous division in the middle that sort of divided the room int exact halves. assured by someone that the whole room was to be turned into the watery world, it no longer bothered me. There were also times when papa n me got in trouble with the brewing. The viscosity seemed to harden and then loosen conditioned to over low or overheating the liquid, and to find a balance between the two seemed to be hard job. All in all the thought of being able to stand in a tank that was meant for the free movement of vicious sharks was an exhilarating one.. not to mention a dream come true.

-was uneventful except for the contrivance of a cold.
-woke up, daily chores, sat to study(xam time dumbheads!), with no much result untill evening.
-MC, Prasun, Arun pestering around as usual.
-started studyin properly from evening onwards.
-full fledged cold, just as i was about to have my dinner.
-took steam from a water heater borrowed from arun, twice.
-in between finished two chapters of RANDAAMOOZHAM.
-slept around two in the morning with the lights on and M.C at the laptop.

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